Association Management

Professionalism with a Personal Touch – an Accredited Management Company AAMC®

Our Homeowner Association Portfolio Managers are credentialed and certified professionals several with over 20 years’ experience. Managers rotate on call for 24/7 emergency response.

Shoreline is experienced in the management of all types of residential and commercial associations: Medical Centers, Commercial condos, Mixed Use Associations, Residential Condominiums, Low rise and mid-rise Condominiums, Townhomes, Duet homes; Planned Unit Developments and Resident- Owned Mobile Home Parks. We understand that each Association is a unique community with its own specific needs. Our Portfolio Managers familiarize themselves with your community and tailor a management program to meet your specific requirements. We offer Full-Service Management with an assigned certified Manager as well as Limited Scope contracts.

Shoreline Managers are active members of ECHO, CACM and CAI. Having knowledge of the Davis- Stirling Act and California Corporations Code requirements enables us to assist the Board of Directors in making successful decisions.

We offer Full Management with an assigned Certified Manager as well as Limited Scope Contracts. Contracts can also be tailored to meet your specific needs, such as adding consulting and administrative support to a Limited Contract.

Association Management

Following are available services:

Service Full Limited
Assessment collection: Bank lockbox, online payments and electronic transfersXX
Assist the Board in the collection of member delinquenciesXX
Online payment of Association invoices via StrongRoom, with Board member accessXX
Monthly computerized financial reporting including images of all paid invoicesXX
Budget preparationXX
Coordinate income tax filings and Financial Review by CPAXX
Coordinate and assist with reserve study updatesXX
California Secretary of State filings (bi-annually)XX
Coordinate Insurance Policy Renewals and obtain bids if requestedXX
Inform Board members of education opportunitiesXX
“Vet” all vendors for insurance and licensing requirements. Provide referralsXX
Elections: Consulting and Administrative support to the Inspector of ElectionsXX
Compliance with State and Federal laws affecting a common interest developmentXX
Prepare and distribute disclosures to members as required by the Davis-Stirling ActXX
Sales of units: property inspections, distribution of documents and demand to escrowXX
Assigned certified managerX
Respond to Member inquiries and requests by mail, email or through websiteX
Meeting attendance by assigned managerX
Administration: Prepare meeting agendas, minutes, management reports and correspondence on behalf of the AssociationX
Coordinate maintenance and repairs including solicitation of bids from approved vendorsX
Site inspections and recommendations to Board of DirectorsX

We also offer Consulting Services on an hourly basis.